Rules & Regulations

Even Jetbou has rules...

The authorities in Spain are quite strict when it comes to the Water....


  • Skiers must use the designated buoyed lanes on entering and exiting the beaches, speed limit is 3 knots or less when entering and exiting.
  • When leaving Playa Bella beach on your Personal Watercraft for a long trip, it is permitted at all times to inform the safety team of destination and time frame you will be gone (DON’T RETURN LATE!). 
  • When leaving on your personal watercraft, it is permitted to always leave in groups or pairs (NEVER SOLO!).
  • PROHIBITED to enter buoyed swimming areas in beach zones.
  • PROHIBITED to enter San Antonio Bay.
  • PROHIBITED to annoy pedalos, ferries and fishing boats.
  • PROHIBITED to anchor or disembark on the islands (PROTECTED BY LAW AS NATURE RESERVES). Please study carefully the map of Ibiza and Formentera.
  • When entering and exciting PETROL STATION speed limit is no more than 3 knots .
  • When navigating around protected island areas, a distance of 50metres is permitted from the coastline.
  • Watch out for Diver flags
  • All skiers must wear a life jacket
  • Only Watercraft with standard exhaust systems will be allowed.
  • Only Approved riders with a red wrist band can operate a Personal Watercraft
  • No towing of toys or wakeboard’s and waterski’s behind a Personal Watercraft
  • Always anchor or tie up the personal watercraft and never beach your watercraft.
  • It is PROHIBITED to drink alchohol and operate a Personal Watercraft.

·     Any issues use VHF Radio Channel 69 or call Paul Hughes on 07879461803