Preparing Your Ski

Preparation is the key to a succesfull holiday with your personal watercraft...

We want make sure you enjoy your holiday so please make sure you are fully prepared..... 

For health and safety reasons, and to protect your ski, you must make the correct preparations before loading your ski on the lorry. All skis will be checked for compliance before loading, so please make sure you read these instructions carefully. Also ensure you have the correct documentation with you, for ski loading in the UK and also when you are in Ibiza. More details are provided here:

Personal documentation required

For jetski loading: When you drop your ski off for loading at Heanor you will need a copy of your:

For the holiday:

For your holiday in Ibiza you will need a copy of your

We advise you to take a small plastic, waterproof pouch to store these documents, as you may be required to show the documents at any time whilst out on the water, if stopped by the local marine police. This is also useful for carrying small amounts of money for day trips out to local islands.

Preparing your ski for transport

Before offering your ski for loading you need to have completed the following:

  • Disconnect your battery - mandatory
  • Remove all fuel from your fuel tank - mandatory
  • Put a suitable protective cover on the craft, and provide blankets or foam – optional, to provide additional protection during transportation

Things to bring with you and do when you drop off your ski for loading:

  • Copies of PWC Insurance so we can keep
  • Make sure your PWC has a Data Tag or small ships number on the side of the PWC
  • Your PWC is to be empty of fuel
  •  Battery to be disconnected


  •   RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency
  •   Optional: International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
  •   Optional: ICC Translation Letters


  • Datatag Registration
  • Optional: Small Ships Register SSR certificate


  • Insurance Certificate for your PWC in Spanish and English covering holiday dates.
  • Holiday insurance
  • European Health Insurance Card (formally E111)

Hull Numbers:

  • Datatag Numbers above water line
  • Optional: Small Ships Register numbers minimum of 1 inch high stickers



  • Tow Rope minimum of 6 meters and 1 ton strength, ideally 10m 16mm floating line with breaking strength greater than 1 ton.
  • 3 Metre mooring rope (ideal for when using fuel pontoon in the marina or using to moor up close to beaches)
  • Dry bag for documents (insurance and qualification including translations MUST be carried on craft at ALL times).
  • Dry bag for mobile phone and money
  • Helmet (if riding in the waves)
  • Wet-Suit
  • Buoyancy Aid (plus extra for passengers/friends)
  • Spare lanyard (just in case you loose one)
  • Whistle (for attracting attention)
  • Spare Oil (including 4-Stroke Skis)
  • Spare coolant water (ie 4-Tec Sea-Doos)
  • Lock for your water craft
  • Lock for your fuel container this will ensure no one uses your fuel by mistake. We did have some issues last year with fuel going missing so make sure if you leave your container with fuel in it you lock it up to our chain in the fuel storage area.
  • Optional: VHF Radio

RYA Spanish Requirements:

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