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Is the holiday just for people that own Jetskis?
How old do you need to be to ride a Personal Watercraft (Jetski) In Ibiza?
Loading and unloading your ski
Can I drink and ride my ski?
Fuelling your PWC
Getting on and off the water.
Booking your own accommodation in Ibiza
What route will the jetski transporters take?
Extending your holiday
Why can I not book on-line through the hotel web site?
Jetski security
Do i need to lock my Jetski?
I want to cancel my holiday and get my deposit back?
How long has Jetbou been running?
Can i put my suitcase on the lorry?
Can i put my wetsuit and life jacket aid in the Jetski?
Is there entertainment in the hotel every night?
Can I just book accommodation?
Where are the Jetskis left at night and where do we launch them?
What happens if I break down in Ibiza?
Do I need RYA to pilot my Jetski in Ibiza
Does my Jetski have to be empty of fuel and the battery disconnected?
What is the weather like in Ibiza?