Jetsking in ibiza isnt that far away and you dont need to be a millionaire...

Ever dreamed of taking your Jetski abroad on holiday, without it costing you a fortune? Well thanks to Xtreme Action's JetBou Ibiza, you can!

Organised by Xtreme Action in partnership with Yamaha and local businesses, JetBou is quite simply the best value Jetski holiday around, and Europe’s premier jetski festival. Xtreme Action organise the transport for your personal watercraft from the United Kingdom to the Jetskiers paradise on the Island of Ibiza.

Set in the aqua blue waters of the Mediterranean is the Island of Ibiza and makes the ideal location for this very unique Jetski holiday.

JetBou takes place every year at the end of the Ibiza holiday season (early October), in the beautiful Bay of San Antonio, and is a holiday for Jetski enthusiasts (all makes) and their friends and family. The whole event runs over ten days, but you choose whether you want to stay for the duration, a week, or just a few days. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, you can take your ski abroad without breaking the bank.

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Whilst this is a dream holiday for the Jetski enthusiast, JetBou is much more than a Jetskiing holiday, catering for the whole family, offering excursions almost every day on and off the water - to Ibiza town, the hippy market, local islands and to legendary night club Pacha. Do as much or as little as you want throughout the ten days, creating your own JetBou experience.

Xtreme Action will organise your

  • Transport for your Jetski from the UK to Ibiza
  • Hotel accomodation in the Playa Bella Hotel which also the base for the Jetbou festival.
  • Overnight Security for your Jetski at the Playa Bella
  • Safety boats for organised daily trips
  • Nights out 
  • Excursions to Hippy Market, Ibiza Town and Pacha
  • Launching and recovery for your Jetski
  • Use of Fuel Jeep
  • Nightly Entertainment at the Playa Bella
  • Jetbou BBQ
  • Jetbou Hog Roast

By far the cheapest way to holiday with your jetski in spain...